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Procurement of Raw Wood:

We procure high and certified quality of raw wood after a quality check by our specialist.

Termites Resistance Process :

After procuring the first step is to make it termites resistance with chemical process. For Lifetime Warranty for Wood Termites Resistance.

Seasoning of Wood :

After a proper chemical process the wood go for seasoning process where we dry the wood as per climate demands and a proper seasoning helps to maintain durability of wood, if it is done in right way.

Getting in Design :

After all primary process the secondary process is to get the wood in design as per our customer demands. We prompt efficient work with German plants which help us to provide you better service in mean time.

Unfinished Inventory :

We maintain standard inventory of unfinished units which help us to fulfill our valuable orders within time limit.

Giving Final Touch :

We use certified material for finishing the item, which makes our product different from other in sense of finishing.

Finished Inventory and Free Shipping All Over India:

Maintaining of standard inventory of finished units helps us to boost the shipping of orders in mean time. We encourage Free Shipping All Over India at Doorstep.