Your Guide To Purchasing A Dressing Table

Dressing Table

Vanity, duchess, lowboy, poudreuse: a dressing table has many nicknames. While listing down essential furniture elements in a house, one often forgets about the need for a dressing table.

It is important not only for the decorative value it adds to your house but also because of its function as a useful piece of furniture. Usually called a dresser, it is installed in the master bedroom or each room with a bed if the size of the room allows for it.

A dresser is very helpful for storing grooming items like hair brushes, makeup, comb, and all sorts of products that one tends to use daily. Having a dresser ensures that you will have enough space for storing everyday grooming items. They come in all shapes and sizes. According to the space, requirement, and aesthetic of your home, you can choose whatever type of dresser you desire! Shop Online Now Wooden Dressing Table with Mirror.


Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Dressing Table

Dressing Table

Choosing a dresser for your home will depend on what you want to do with it and the amount of vacant space you have to place the dresser. Never forget that a dressing table also helps in improving the aesthetic of your home, and that’s why a choice should be made after thorough consideration. The following requirements will help you in determining the kind of dresser you should pick for your home:

Mirror Size –Dressing Table

Dressing Table

The selection of mirror size is integral for buying the right dresser. For the smaller dressing tables, the mirror should be spherical or oval. If you prefer a mirror that is visible only when in use, then you can look for a dresser that comes with a pop-up mirror. If you want a larger table, then a rectangular mirror will be more appropriate.


Storage Space –

Dressing Table

Keeping your storage requirements in mind will be beneficial while choosing a dressing table. This factor will also determine the price of the dresser. If you want a dresser that can store more items, then you should prefer those with more drawer space. But if storage space is not your concern, then you should go for the minimalistic designs which are more decorative than a normal dressing table.


Size and Style – Dressing Table

Dressing Table

Dressing tables are designed to have a lower height than the standard table. Usually, your dresser will come with a removable seat. It is your choice whether to keep that chair under the dresser or not. Though sometimes, the dresser might not come with an accessory chair. In that case you have to make sure to note the color and the style of your dressing table in order to buy a chair that will be relatively consistent with the dresser. If your bedroom does not have enough space to accommodate a large dressing table, you can buy a comparatively smaller dressing table that comes with a retractable seat to save space. Always check the drawers before buying a dressing table, as this is where you will keep your jewelry, cosmetics, and creams which are needed regularly. Thus, it is important to have sturdy and spacious drawers.

Material –

Dressers are made from different materials which affect their pricing. It is usually advised to have a table made from wood as it looks classic and can give your room an aesthetic look.


Color –

This is an important part to keep in mind because you have to make sure that the aesthetic of your dressing table matches the ambiance of your room. The rule of thumb is that you should not have a dressing table of a completely different color than other bedroom items like the bed and wardrobe.


Types Of Dressing Tables That You Can Choose From

There are various types of dressers one can choose from according to their preference. We will go through some of the most famous and significant ones:


Wall-mounted Dressers –

These types of dressers are very popular nowadays. In this type of dresser, both the mirror and the storage unit are mounted on the wall giving a very pleasing appearance throughout. This is a very reliable option if you have a small room.


Full Mirror Dressing Table –

This is one of the most commonly-used dressing tables. It consists of a full-length mirror that enables one to see their complete reflection. This kind of dressing table usually comes with pre-installed lighting and storage units that lie behind or beside the mirror. Storage space is bigger than that of a wall-mounted one. If you are in a profession which requires intricate makeup routines or you are a person who is interested in makeup, then this would be the best option for you.


Simplistic Dressing Table –

This kind of dresser will provide you with minimal space to store your stuff. The mirror that you will get won’t be as big as most of the other dressing tables. You will not get particularly large drawers, so you will have to store your stuff elsewhere. The advantages of owning such a dresser are that it is easy to move, and can be re-installed anywhere without hassle in a short amount of time. Other than a wall-mounted dresser, this one will also suit you if the available space in your room is less.


Ornate Dressing Table –

These tables are famous for their extraordinary designs and unmatched beauty. They are suitable for providing a larger decorative value. This kind of dressing table is very eye-catching, and if you decide to buy one, then this will be the center of attraction for everyone.


Why Should One Have Proper Lighting Around The Dressing Table?

Good lighting is one of the topmost components that should be considered while setting up a dressing table. Lights around your mirror are important for having a clear reflection of yourself. A dimly lit dressing table will not show a clear image of your face, hair, outfit, or makeup. Other than artificial lighting options like LED bulbs and lampshades, make sure that the dressing table receives ample natural light in the daytime.

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